The talented TKO, also known as the Midwest Monster, was born and raised in Lorain, OH. He realized his love & passion for hip hop at an early Age. He earned the name TKO at a young age amongst neighbors & friends who knew him for his battle style rhymes & his punch lines. TKO quickly gained respect in his neighborhood for his talent & the artist TKO was created.

TKO is well known today for underground hits such as Rollin in doe featuring Paul wall, which appeared first on dj ev’s B.I.F.C 2 and his latest single entitled ‘Hulk’ ft Styles P of the legendary group, The Lox. He has produced numerous cypher series highlighting his catchy hooks & creative metaphors on video for fans. His creativity as an artist is unmatched and he is an ever-evolving talent. TKO is making his climb to the top as a self made artist & entrepreneur. He has earned many awards and recognition amongst his industry peers, along with being featured on popular mixtapes, blogs, and magazines. He is set to release his new project, Midwest Monster Vol. 1 in 2014.

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